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EclipseCon Europe — RAP Talk On-Line

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The last weeks were very exciting since I could talk about the new RAP OSGi integration feature (see I, II, III) on various occasions. It was amazing to see how the RAP community has evolved over the last years.

While in the early days you always had to do the slot “What is RAP” and “How does it work” nowadays the majority of the people I speak to are pretty familiar with the technology. Even more I had very interesting conversations about how people use RAP, how they adopted the single sourcing approach with RCP and what they expect from the future development streams.

So I was very pleased to see that there is a huge interest in the native UI support of smartphone and tablets that RAP will offer within the next release. The underlying protocol implementation of the server-client communication needed for this, has been on the backlog for years, but so long there have not been a use case that justified the investment. Kudos goes to Holger doing the groundwork here.

The discussions also affirmed me that the RAP team is on the right track to press ahead with improving the RWT standalone capabilities and as a result of that the integration possibilities with containers like OSGi, Spring etc.

So if you missed the show here is a recording of the talk Ralf Sternberg and I were given at EclipseCon Europe:

Although I have finished my list of current sessions there are still opportunities to see the talk live as Ralf, Holger and Markus will present it at the following Eclipse democamps:

Hamburg, 23th November
Kaiserslautern, 24th November
Karlsruhe, 29th November
Vienna, 2nd Dezember

So if you want your piece of the 10 years of Eclipse birthday cake register now 🙂

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