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JUnit Rules

On September 24, 2012, Posted by , In JUnit, By ,,, , With 17 Comments

The first time I stumbled over a JUnit @Rule annotation I was a bit irritated of the concept. Having a public field in a test case seemed somewhat odd and so I was reluctant to use it regularly. But after a while I got used to that and it turned…

Running HTTP/REST Integration Tests efficiently in Eclipse

On September 10, 2012, Posted by , In Eclipse,JUnit, By ,,,,, , With 8 Comments

Lately I had a chance to use the OSGi-JAX-RS-Connector library written by my dear fellow Holger Staudacher. The connector enables you to publish resources easily by registering @Path annotated types as OSGi services – which actually works quite nicely. While it is natural for me to write the service classes…