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Frank Appel

Frank is a seasoned programmer, team leader, trainer, author and presenter with two decades of experience in professional software development.

Specialized in the Java language and focused on quality-oriented agile paradigms he is a stalwart of test-driven practices in particular.

He understands the creation process of software as a craftsmanship based on a well-balanced mix of knowledge and the experience of the daily work.
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Eclipse Neon: Clean Sheet Update

Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon

In celebration of the latest Eclipse release, we provide a Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon. Congratulations and a big ... Read More
Ergonomic Eclipse Theme Easter Update

OS X Sprout of the Ergonomic Eclipse Theme Clean Sheet

Early enough to pass as an easter gift the latest update of our ergonomic Eclipse theme Clean Sheet comes in ... Read More
Xmas Offering

Testing with JUnit: E-Book Xmas Offering for Less than 6$

Long story short, my publisher has informed me about a campaign that started on December 17th and which is lasting ... Read More
Xmas Clean Sheet Eclipse Design Update

Xmas Update for the Clean Sheet Eclipse Design

Hohoho! Just in time for Christmas, there is a new feature update of the Clean Sheet Eclipse design. This post ... Read More
Clean Sheet Look and Feel Eclipse IDE

Service Update for the Clean Sheet Eclipse IDE Look and Feel

Roughly two weeks ago, I published an introduction to the Clean Sheet Eclipse IDE look and feel, an ergonomic theme ... Read More
Clean Sheet Eclipse Theme

Clean Sheet – an Ergonomic Eclipse Theme for Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Clean Sheet is an ergonomic Eclipse theme for Windows 10 and OS X (see update info 2016/03/21). It has been ... Read More

Gonsole Requirement Upgrade to JRE 8

Just a short notice for all users of gonsole. There has been a gonsole requirement upgrade since Rüdiger and I ... Read More
Mutation Testing

What the Heck Is Mutation Testing?

In recent times, I came repeatedly upon the term mutation testing. Since the word is that this approach is able ... Read More
Integration Tests

Clean Integration Testing with JUnit Rules

The benefits of JUnit Rules, especially when dealing with integration testing, can hardly be overrated. In this post, we'll shine ... Read More
Book Reader

Testing with JUnit Book Release

This week, I'm very happy to break the news that Packt Publishing has come out with a JUnit book release, ... Read More
Testing with JUnit Announcement

Testing with JUnit Book Announcement

Today, I am very pleased to inform you that Packt Publishing has put out a JUnit book announcement called Testing ... Read More
Java Event Notification

Getting Java Event Notification Right

Implementing the observer pattern to provide Java event notification seems to be a straight forward thing to do. However, there ... Read More
map distinct value types using java generics

How to Map Distinct Value Types Using Java Generics

Occasionally the average developer runs into a situation where he has to map values of arbitrary types within a particular ... Read More
OSGi Service Test: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Tests can be an efficient means to avoid problems related to dangling service references. As promised in my ... Read More
OSGi Service: Service Collector

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceCollector

OSGi services come in handy for the development of systems based on loosely coupled components. But loose coupling can make ... Read More
SWT Look and Feel: FlatScrollBar Color

SWT Look and Feel: Customize FlatScrollBar Color and More

Recently I introduced a custom slider control useful for improving the SWT look and feel of more subtle view layouts ... Read More