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Frank Appel

Frank is a seasoned programmer, team leader, trainer, author and presenter with two decades of experience in professional software development.

Specialized in the Java language and focused on quality-oriented agile paradigms he is a stalwart of test-driven practices in particular.

He understands the creation process of software as a craftsmanship based on a well-balanced mix of knowledge and the experience of the daily work.
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Apache FOP

Apache FOP Integration with Eclipse and OSGi

Apache FOP is an open source print processor driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO). It can be quite useful to ... Read More
Custom SWT Scrollbar

Sacrilege – a Custom SWT Scrollbar

SWT is a thin abstraction layer on top of native OS widgets. Which is a very good thing if you ... Read More
JFace Viewers: DeferredContentManager

Deferred Fetching of Model Elements with JFace Viewers

Model elements displayed by Eclipse JFace Viewers sometimes take a considerable amount of time to load. Because of this the ... Read More

SWT Mouse Click Implementation

Doing a bit of SWT custom widget development lately, I stumbled across the question why is there no such thing ... Read More

OSGi Testsuite: Introducing Classname Filters

OSGi Testsuite is a JUnit test-runner that collects dynamically test classes for execution. It has been published by my fellow ... Read More

Efficient Creation of Eclipse Modules with Maven Archetype

Maven Archetype is a project templating toolkit that provides developers with the means to generate parameterized versions of built-in or ... Read More

Lightweight Integration Tests for Eclipse Extensions

Recently I introduced a little helper for Eclipse extension point evaluation. The auxiliary strives to reduce boilerplate code for common ... Read More
Clean Unit Test Patterns

Clean Unit Test Patterns – Presentation Slides

I was given the opportunity to talk at the GDG DevFestKarlsruhe 2014 conference about 'Clean Unit Test Patterns'. Thanks to ... Read More
Eclipse Extension Point Plug-in Concept

Eclipse Extension Point Evaluation Made Easy

Coding Eclipse Extension Point evaluations comes in a bit verbose and sparsely self-explaining. As I got round to busy myself ... Read More

JUnit in a Nutshell: Yet Another JUnit Tutorial

Why Another JUnit Tutorial?JUnit seems to be the most popular testing tool for developers within the Java world. So it ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Unit Test Assertions

JUnit in a Nutshell: Unit Test Assertion

The last chapter of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit essentials covers various unit test assertion techniques. It elaborates on the ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Test Runners

JUnit in a Nutshell: Test Runners

The fourth chapter of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit testing essentials explains the purpose of the tool's exchangable test runners ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Test Isolation

JUnit in a Nutshell: Test Isolation

Chapter three of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit essentials discusses the implications of unit dependencies for testing. The post illustrates ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Test Structure

JUnit in a Nutshell: Test Structure

Chapter two of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit testing essentials will continue the ongoing example and work out the common ... Read More

JUnit in a Nutshell: Hello World

JUnit in a Nutshell is a multi-part tutorial about the essentials of JUnit testing. This Hello World chapter introduces the ... Read More

Clean JUnit Throwable-Tests with Java 8 Lambdas

Recently I was involved in a short online discussion on twitter and google+ which concerned the question why the arrival ... Read More