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Frank Appel

Frank is a seasoned programmer, team leader, trainer, author and presenter with two decades of experience in professional software development.

Specialized in the Java language and focused on quality-oriented agile paradigms he is a stalwart of test-driven practices in particular.

He understands the creation process of software as a craftsmanship based on a well-balanced mix of knowledge and the experience of the daily work.
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A JUnit Rule to Run a Test in Its Own Thread

In JUnit it could be occasionally helpful to run a test in its own thread. In particular when writing integration ... Read More

gonsole weeks: oops – it’s a framework

While Eclipse ships with a comprehensive Git tool, it seems that for certain tasks many developers switch to the command ... Read More

gonsole weeks: eclipse egit integration

While Eclipse ships with a comprehensive Git tool, it seems that for certain tasks many developers switch to the command ... Read More
Java Final Keyword: The Final Decicion

Java Code Style: The Final Decision

Isn't it funny how the alleged most unremarkable things can lead to controversial discussions or sometimes even heated debates with ... Read More

Clean Synchronization Using ReentrantLock and Lambdas

Recently I was reading an informative post about the differences between synchronized vs ReentrantLock by Javin Paul[1. ReentrantLock Example in ... Read More

Efficient Code Coverage with Eclipse

There is a saying that a fool with a tool is still a fool. But how to use a tool ... Read More

Slim Down SWT FormLayout Usage

Always on the quest for efficiency I reconsidered the usability of SWT FormLayout lately. Although it is one of my ... Read More

What are Mockito Extra Interfaces?

Mockito is my favored little helper if it comes down to write light weight JUnit tests. It is very useful ... Read More
Getting JUnit Test Names Right

Getting JUnit Test Names Right

Finding good names is one of the challenges of crafting software. And you need to find them all the time ... Read More

Clean SWT Listener Notifcations with SWTEventHelper

Writing tests for SWT based UIs often requires to notify widget listeners programmatically. Unfortunately the code to create, initialize and ... Read More

SWT: Do You Know the Difference between Tree#select and Tree#setSelection?

Actually I did not, neither did Google and the API documentation seems to miss out one crucial point - which ... Read More

A JUnit Rule to Ease SWT Test Setup

Rüdiger and I have written a lot of SWT test cases for our current RCP project lately. Most of the ... Read More

Responsive UIs with Eclipse and SWT

Recently I had the problem that my 'well-conceived' view design did not scale down reasonably. I realized that the flexibility ... Read More

Mockito Templates for Eclipse

Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees - and that for a disturbingly long time. I just became aware ... Read More

More Units with MoreUnit

Just over a year ago I wrote a post about working with JUnit in Eclipse. One of the commenters recommended ... Read More

Running JUnit Tests Repeatedly Without Loops

Recently I came across a problem where I had to write tests for a method that calculates randomly distributed values ... Read More