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Frank Appel

Frank is a seasoned programmer, team leader, trainer, author and presenter with two decades of experience in professional software development.

Specialized in the Java language and focused on quality-oriented agile paradigms he is a stalwart of test-driven practices in particular.

He understands the creation process of software as a craftsmanship based on a well-balanced mix of knowledge and the experience of the daily work.
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WordPress Webhooked into GitHub

Code Affine is published using WordPress. Besides content provisioning there are technical tasks like site composition and software maintenance we ... Read More

Working Efficiently with JUnit in Eclipse

Recently I was dragged into a discussion[1. The discussion happened during one of those spontaneous couple-of-beers-after-work-sessions we like to have ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: JUnit Rules

JUnit Rules

The first time I stumbled over a JUnit @Rule annotation I was a bit irritated of the concept. Having a ... Read More

Running HTTP/REST Integration Tests efficiently in Eclipse

Lately I had a chance to use the OSGi-JAX-RS-Connector library written by my dear fellow Holger Staudacher. The connector enables ... Read More

Performance Analysis of REST/HTTP Services with JMeter and Yourkit

My last post described how to accomplish stress- or load-testing of asynchronous REST/HTTP services with JMeter. However, running such tests ... Read More

Stress/Load-Testing of Asynchronous HTTP/REST Services with JMeter

Although I have been using JMeter for stress- and load-testing of web applications a good few times it took us ... Read More

EclipseCon Europe — RAP Talk On-Line

The last weeks were very exciting since I could talk about the new RAP OSGi integration feature (see I, II, ... Read More

Democamp Slides

For those who are interested I've uploaded the slides of my presentations at the eclipse democamps in bonn and munich ... Read More

Added Event Page to CodeAffine Website

Just a short note that I have introduced a new page in our codeaffine wordpress system to have the possibility ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration III

The previous posts [1. RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration, RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II] about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 concentrated on ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II

In my last post about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 I have promised to provide a little ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration

Motivation During my time as RAP technology lead I took care of some consulting projects using RAP/RCP in single sourcing fashion ... Read More

Replacing Hard Coded Processes Using Activiti

A few weeks ago I was put in charge to replace a piece of code in a software product. The ... Read More

Refactoring RAP/RWT to Remove Class Variables

Lately I have started with the first of a set of RAP refactorings to ease the task of using RWT ... Read More