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From Arrays to Streams and Back with Java 8

From Arrays to Streams and Back with Java 8

Not long ago we upgraded some Eclipse plug-in projects to Java 8. And never looked back since. Among many other ... Read More
Java Event Notification

Getting Java Event Notification Right

Implementing the observer pattern to provide Java event notification seems to be a straight forward thing to do. However, there ... Read More
map distinct value types using java generics

How to Map Distinct Value Types Using Java Generics

Occasionally the average developer runs into a situation where he has to map values of arbitrary types within a particular ... Read More
Talk before Audience

How to Avoid Losing the Audience in a Technical Talk

The following is a guest post by Leif Frenzel. I have the pleasure of knowing Leif for over a decade, ... Read More
Codeship ParallelCI

Speed up Your Builds with Codeship ParallelCI

Some time ago we were in need for a hosted CI service for a project that was held in a ... Read More

Efficient Creation of Eclipse Modules with Maven Archetype

Maven Archetype is a project templating toolkit that provides developers with the means to generate parameterized versions of built-in or ... Read More
Codeship Continuous Integration

Codeship: Continuous Integration for GitHub and Bitbucket

Just recently I got the opportunity to use yet another continuous integration service: Codeship Continuous Integration.The hosted service builds ... Read More

Travis: Continuous Integration for GitHub Projects

In a recent project I got the opportunity to work with Travis, a lean, hosted continuous integration service used to ... Read More
Java Final Keyword: The Final Decicion

Java Code Style: The Final Decision

Isn't it funny how the alleged most unremarkable things can lead to controversial discussions or sometimes even heated debates with ... Read More

Clean Synchronization Using ReentrantLock and Lambdas

Recently I was reading an informative post about the differences between synchronized vs ReentrantLock by Javin Paul[1. ReentrantLock Example in ... Read More

WordPress Webhooked into GitHub

Code Affine is published using WordPress. Besides content provisioning there are technical tasks like site composition and software maintenance we ... Read More

Performance Analysis of REST/HTTP Services with JMeter and Yourkit

My last post described how to accomplish stress- or load-testing of asynchronous REST/HTTP services with JMeter. However, running such tests ... Read More

Stress/Load-Testing of Asynchronous HTTP/REST Services with JMeter

Although I have been using JMeter for stress- and load-testing of web applications a good few times it took us ... Read More

Added Event Page to CodeAffine Website

Just a short note that I have introduced a new page in our codeaffine wordpress system to have the possibility ... Read More

Replacing Hard Coded Processes Using Activiti

A few weeks ago I was put in charge to replace a piece of code in a software product. The ... Read More