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Working Efficiently with JUnit in Eclipse

Recently I was dragged into a discussion[1. The discussion happened during one of those spontaneous couple-of-beers-after-work-sessions we like to have ... Read More

A Simple way to extend SWTBot

SWTBot is an Eclipse project that enables you to write functional tests for SWT and Workbench based applications in Java. It ... Read More

Running HTTP/REST Integration Tests efficiently in Eclipse

Lately I had a chance to use the OSGi-JAX-RS-Connector library written by my dear fellow Holger Staudacher. The connector enables ... Read More

RAP: Adapt Your Style

I really like the new RAP default theme introduced with the  RAP 1.5 Release (see New and Noteworthy). It looks ... Read More

How do you import static in Eclipse?

Long story short, I just discovered that Ctrl+Shift+M (Source > Add Import) can not only be used to add missing ... Read More

Eclipse Archive Utilities

A little while ago I started a side project to support working with (zip) archive files in the Eclipse IDE ... Read More

Code Centric Trainings with the Samples Manager

I recently gave a training course on - you guess it - RAP/RWT. And as it seems natural for a training ... Read More

EclipseCon Europe — RAP Talk On-Line

The last weeks were very exciting since I could talk about the new RAP OSGi integration feature (see I, II, ... Read More

Democamp Slides

For those who are interested I've uploaded the slides of my presentations at the eclipse democamps in bonn and munich ... Read More

The RAP Tooling has Offspring

I would like to use the opportunity to point you to a feature of RAP that is around for some ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration III

The previous posts [1. RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration, RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II] about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 concentrated on ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II

In my last post about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 I have promised to provide a little ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration

Motivation During my time as RAP technology lead I took care of some consulting projects using RAP/RCP in single sourcing fashion ... Read More

Refactoring RAP/RWT to Remove Class Variables

Lately I have started with the first of a set of RAP refactorings to ease the task of using RWT ... Read More