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JUnit 5

How to Replace Rules in JUnit 5

The recently published JUnit 5 (aka JUnit Lambda) alpha release caught my interest, and while skimming through the documentation I ... Read More
JUnit 5

JUnit 5 – A First Look at the Next Generation of JUnit

In the beginning of February, the JUnit 5 (aka JUnit Lambda) team has published an alpha release. Since JUnit 4 is among ... Read More
Xmas Offering

Testing with JUnit: E-Book Xmas Offering for Less than 6$

Long story short, my publisher has informed me about a campaign that started on December 17th and which is lasting ... Read More
Mutation Testing

What the Heck Is Mutation Testing?

In recent times, I came repeatedly upon the term mutation testing. Since the word is that this approach is able ... Read More
Integration Tests

Clean Integration Testing with JUnit Rules

The benefits of JUnit Rules, especially when dealing with integration testing, can hardly be overrated. In this post, we'll shine ... Read More
Book Reader

Testing with JUnit Book Release

This week, I'm very happy to break the news that Packt Publishing has come out with a JUnit book release, ... Read More
Testing with JUnit Announcement

Testing with JUnit Book Announcement

Today, I am very pleased to inform you that Packt Publishing has put out a JUnit book announcement called Testing ... Read More
OSGi Service Test: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Tests can be an efficient means to avoid problems related to dangling service references. As promised in my ... Read More
OSGi Service: Service Collector

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceCollector

OSGi services come in handy for the development of systems based on loosely coupled components. But loose coupling can make ... Read More

OSGi Testsuite: Introducing Classname Filters

OSGi Testsuite is a JUnit test-runner that collects dynamically test classes for execution. It has been published by my fellow ... Read More

Lightweight Integration Tests for Eclipse Extensions

Recently I introduced a little helper for Eclipse extension point evaluation. The auxiliary strives to reduce boilerplate code for common ... Read More
Clean Unit Test Patterns

Clean Unit Test Patterns – Presentation Slides

I was given the opportunity to talk at the GDG DevFestKarlsruhe 2014 conference about 'Clean Unit Test Patterns'. Thanks to ... Read More

JUnit in a Nutshell: Yet Another JUnit Tutorial

Why Another JUnit Tutorial?JUnit seems to be the most popular testing tool for developers within the Java world. So it ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Unit Test Assertions

JUnit in a Nutshell: Unit Test Assertion

The last chapter of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit essentials covers various unit test assertion techniques. It elaborates on the ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Test Runners

JUnit in a Nutshell: Test Runners

The fourth chapter of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit testing essentials explains the purpose of the tool's exchangable test runners ... Read More
JUnit Tutorial: Test Isolation

JUnit in a Nutshell: Test Isolation

Chapter three of my multi-part tutorial about JUnit essentials discusses the implications of unit dependencies for testing. The post illustrates ... Read More