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OSGi Service Test: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceRegistrationRule

OSGi Service Tests can be an efficient means to avoid problems related to dangling service references. As promised in my ... Read More
OSGi Service: Service Collector

OSGi Service Test Helper: ServiceCollector

OSGi services come in handy for the development of systems based on loosely coupled components. But loose coupling can make ... Read More
Apache FOP

Apache FOP Integration with Eclipse and OSGi

Apache FOP is an open source print processor driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO). It can be quite useful to ... Read More

OSGi Testsuite: Introducing Classname Filters

OSGi Testsuite is a JUnit test-runner that collects dynamically test classes for execution. It has been published by my fellow ... Read More

Configure Your OSGi Services with Apache Felix File Install

A recent post about Managed Services reminded me of a feature in Apache Felix File Install that I found worth ... Read More

An Automated OSGi Test Runner

Among my fellow team members, I was known for notoriously forgetting to maintain the (JUnit) test suite. I just can't ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration III

The previous posts [1. RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration, RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II] about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 concentrated on ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration II

In my last post about the new RWT-OSGi integration bundle of RAP 1.5 I have promised to provide a little ... Read More

RAP/RWT-OSGi Integration

Motivation During my time as RAP technology lead I took care of some consulting projects using RAP/RCP in single sourcing fashion ... Read More