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What Gonsole Is About

While Eclipse ships with a comprehensive Git tool, it seems that for certain tasks many developers switch to the command line. Because of this Gonsole provides a Git console for the Eclipse IDE. It lets you enter common Git commands directly into the Eclipse Console View and displays their output within this view:


The plug-in provides among other things content-assist for the available git commands via Ctrl+Space as well as a command history that can be opend using the Arrow-Up key.

How To Get It

Drag and drop the ‘Install’ icon into a running Eclipse workspace to install Gonsole

or install from this Eclipse software repository:

Git Included

It is not necessary to have Git installed on your computer for the the plug-in to work. The plug-in uses JGit, a pure Java implementation of Git, to interact with the repository.


Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) on JRE 8 or newer.


The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.

What This Training Is About

Git has grown, in a short space of time, to the most popular Version Control System (VCS) around. On the one hand, this is because of its emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. One the other hand, the availability of matured cloud repository hosting services surely contributes much to its quick propagation.

We offer training that imparts the knowledge needed to cope with the challanges of working with Git, efficiently in small on-site classes, tailored to your company needs, with a good deal of practical exercises.

Who Our Training Is For

This course is attuned to all kind of software developers, architects, or infrastructure technicians, who are looking for an profound entry point to the topic, even if you bring along only a vague comprehension of command line usage.

What You Will Learn


Getting Started

  • Learn about the history of Git
  • Understand the differences to other Version Control Systems
  • Download and install the tool on your local machine


  • Get a profound knowledge of the internal functionality of a repository and its object database
  • Train the usage of the most essential commands, such as
    • git init
    • git add
    • git commit
    • git log

Remote Repositories

  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the distributed nature of Git and study how to interact with remote repositories
  • Become acquainted with commands, such as
    • git clone
    • git remote
    • git push
    • git fetch
    • git merge
    • git pull
    • git rebase

Branches and Tags

  • Comprehend the advantages of the lightweight branching concepts of Git
  • Learn how to resolve merge conflicts
  • Practice the usage of commands, such as
    • git branch
    • git checkout
    • git merge
    • git fetch
    • git diff
    • git tag

Work Efficiency

  • Come to know the common working patterns to master your daily work challanges efficiently
  • Experience the purpose of commands, such as
    • git stash
    • git reset
    • git revert


  • Grasp the sense and purpose of using different long-living branches
  • Conceive the concepts and usage scenarious of the various distributed workflow types, such as
    • Centralized Workflow
    • Integration-Manager Workflow
    • Dictator and Lieutenants Workflow

Git Training

What Participants Say

Scope and goals of the course can be adjusted to the specific needs of the participants. Trainings can be held in German or English. Contact us for more details, dates, and arrangements.