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We offer profound support for planning and implementing projects based on Eclipse Platform and Runtime, or Java technologies in general. Our expertise in that area is built on over a decade of custom application development and our comprehensive involvement in e.g. getting the RAP off the ground.

Services: Consulting

You can benefit from our broad experience in agile development technics, such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming, Short Iteration- and Release-Cycles, which we consistently use to deliver high quality software in time and budget.

Our offerings range from on-site workshops, code reviews, technology evaluations to on-site development assistance or complete application development.



Code Affine coaching covers topics derived from our daily work experience to ensure that our training content supplies you with real-live needs.

Services: Training

Small classes and hands-on exercises help to achieve a lasting learning success. Therefore each topic will be given sufficient room for hands-on exercises and class sizes are limited to eight participants per tutor.

Currently we provide on-site trainings for Testing with JUnit, Git, and Eclipse RCP/RAP. Scope and goals of each course can be adjusted to the specific needs of the participants. Trainings can be held in german or english.



We conduct professional development of standalone or IDE integrated tools and utilities on top of the Eclipse Platform. On a quest to improve daily work efficiency we built up the know how needed to plug-in platform extensions such as tool specific views, editors or launch configurations.

Services: Tool Development

Be it to support our own platform development with a WSIWYG editor, or help customers to integrate their utilities into the IDE we always take a particular pride in building first class tools.

As one of our recent activities in that area we published a little helper called gonsole, which is a git console plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.



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