Extras for Eclipse

Extras for Eclipse: Neon Update

A change in Eclipse Neon made it necessary to update Extras for Eclipse. Unfortunately, the Toggle Full Screen command uses ... Read More
Extras for Eclipse

Announcing Extras for Eclipse

Over the last months, I wrote some extensions for the Eclipse IDE that I found were missing and could be ... Read More
Book Reader

Testing with JUnit Book Release

This week, I'm very happy to break the news that Packt Publishing has come out with a JUnit book release, ... Read More
Testing with JUnit Announcement

Testing with JUnit Book Announcement

Today, I am very pleased to inform you that Packt Publishing has put out a JUnit book announcement called Testing ... Read More

Efficient Code Coverage with Eclipse

There is a saying that a fool with a tool is still a fool. But how to use a tool ... Read More
Getting JUnit Test Names Right

Getting JUnit Test Names Right

Finding good names is one of the challenges of crafting software. And you need to find them all the time ... Read More

More Units with MoreUnit

Just over a year ago I wrote a post about working with JUnit in Eclipse. One of the commenters recommended ... Read More

Working Efficiently with JUnit in Eclipse

Recently I was dragged into a discussion[1. The discussion happened during one of those spontaneous couple-of-beers-after-work-sessions we like to have ... Read More